Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ventral housing under way

A little more progress on the Aerial Flyer today...

I cut the main hull out of half-inch foam core. Decking and such will come later, but for now it's mainly to provide a reference point for the deck house and ventral housing.

The latter is now under way. I used the templates to cut sections of "planked" plastic card, as shown in the lower part of the photo. The planks will represent the bars of liftwood/Corbamite metal that gives the vessel its lift.

The ventral housing is now more or less done. I miscalculated one segment of the whole - the stern area - so I'll cut another one tomorrow. The seams will have strips of thin plastic card over them, dotted with rivets for that VSF look. I'm packing up for today, though. I'd forgotten how stinky the Humbrol polystyrene adhesive is!

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