Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blighty Bound

It's been quite a upper-and-downer of a month so far, and there's more to come. 

We made the move out of our apartment, starting at 6am on the morning of 1st November, and finishing at 1am on the 2nd, with only an hour's break for lunch. I must've traipsed up and down those four flights of stairs over a hundred times. My advice to others - dispose of as much stuff as possible before moving!

Pausing only to take some photos and a video of the empty place - if the rotten landlord claimed we'd damaged it in any way, they'd prove we hadn't - we crammed the last few items in the back of the van and departed at 1.15am, never to return.

My wife and I are effectively homeless. Thankfully friends here have rallied round and we have places to stay most times, but it's still an unsettling situation. So much so, we're staging a strategic withdrawal to the UK to live with my family for the duration. A few other legal matters have to be cleared up, but we should depart these shores on December 4th.

We will be back, but when and under what circumstances only the Fates will decide.
* * *
On to more pleasant matters. Scot from BenchVent kindly invited me to take part in their Show us your workbench competition. I entered, and here's where I used to do my work. 
It looks tidier than normal, somehow! A J out... 


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