Friday, April 23, 2021

Post Second Vaccine Blues

Yep, as the title says I had my second Covid shot on Monday and I've felt rough ever since. I'm still working on the Lion Rampant retinues, and hope to finish off the last of the mounted men-at-arms from the original collection. More to follow when I'm feeling better.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Dozen Serjeants

The mounted serjeants for Lion Rampant are now finished, varnished and based up. These are intended to be somewhat generic, but will probably fight for France to begin with. They came together quite nicely in the end in spite of my early reservations about the multi-part assembly.

It's getting high time I got some figures on the table. We're halfway through April and I haven't fought out a single game yet. It might have to wait until next weekend since I'll be busy all next week. I get my second Covid vaccination on Monday, so we'll see what happens.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Serjeants on the Go

The next batch of figures for Lion Rampant are on the painting block and undercoated. These are a dozen mounted serjeants, which I'll paint up in generic fashion although I suspect they'll mostly deploy as part of a First Barons War French contingent.

These figures are by Blue Moon Manufacturing. They come in three separate piece - horse with rider's lower torso, rider's upper torso, and kite shield. No lances were supplied so I cut my own from wire. I'm... not a big fan of these figures. Getting the top half of the rider to sit properly in the lower took a good deal more cutting, filing and fiddling than I can normally tolerate. In spite of my best efforts some figures had gaps where the fit wasn't quite right, necessitating a spot of filling.

Fitting the lances and shields were marginally easier. However, the castings are crisp and clean and should paint up nicely. I'm looking at getting another batch to make up a castle garrison retinue.

If anyone wants to see how it should be done, head over to PanzerKaput's blog, where he has a number of First Barons War units painted up in superb fashion.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter

 A Happy Easter to one and all. I'm still around, just busy right now. I finished the Doctor Who collection for my Better Half. Now it's once more unto the breach with the First Barons War figures. Next up - the mounted serjeants.


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