Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What a difference a shelf makes

Now the move is over we're unpacking slowly. I put up a couple of shelves in the gaming room closet so the bulk of my figures and scenery are now safely up and out of the way of other stuff as it gets moved around. It also gave me the opportunity to examine some of the scenery for damage caused by the long spell in storage. So far the Dux Britanniarum watchtower is the only piece that needs some minor repair. Three months spent in often below-freezing temperatures didn't do the walkway much good, and it's looking rather sorry for itself. Replacing the wooden supports should do the trick.

Talking of Dux Britanniarum, I ordered shield transfers for both sides from Little Big Men Studios, and they're on the way. All being well I should have done enough unpacking by then to find time to sort out my Romano-British shields at last. I've also found a nice frame for the map that comes with the rules, and once I get some matting card for it I'll hang it on the wall of the gaming room. The next project after that will be to buy the Saxons from Splintered Light Miniatures, and to make some fortifications and even an early monastery for those rascally Saxons to attack.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Settling in

Slowly but steadily, progress is being made in the new gaming room. I managed to set up a desk so I can get back to writing, and I'm uncovering more of the floor each day. My favourite Paul Daly artwork is up on the walls. It'll be a while off before I get the gaming table set up though, but I found a batch of casters which will do nicely for the table legs.

Then there's this little lot...

The garage shelf. Two rubber snakes add a bit of menace to the scene.

The previous occupant left the garage literally piled waist-deep in stuff, all of which she declared of no further interest to her. After sorting through it, which took four days, we found a load of toys, games and stuff that soon got donated to local schools and charitable organisations. I also found what eventually amounted to a whole shelf-full of crafting materials.

The white and the nearer brown box are full of aerosol paints, most of which are white, black or pink (not much call for that colour in my repertoire, squire...), and spray adhesive. Three hot glue guns surfaced, two of which were salvageable, along with a bag of glue sticks. There's also a whole bag of craft paints, all untouched. Four LED tea lights popped up, which will eventually be turned into flame and smoke markers. I forget what's in the furthest brown box, there's been so much stuff.

I hesitate to call it all 'loot,' since it's legally ours, but that's what it feels like. Eventually, once everything's done in the house and better weather arrives, I hope to set up a work area at the back of the garage and make use of it all.

House moves are for the birds...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So then... I'm back.

The House-move from Hell is over. It took far longer to get into our new house than expected due to various shenanigans I won't go into here. Now we're well into the Marathon that is unpacking stuff from boxes, to the traditional cry of "why on Earth did we keep this?"

And I have a new game room.

It's cluttered with stuff at the moment, and the walls are a boring shade of beige (is there such a thing as an exciting shade of beige..?) but at least I can size it up and get an idea of where things can go. I have a little less space than the previous room, but it shouldn't be a problem. Once all the necessary projects like kitchen and bedrooms are done, I will get on with this.

For the boards I'm going to make a table support measuring 5 feet long by 3 feet wide out of 2x4 and 1x4 inch wood like that shown in the previous post. Martin had the good idea of setting it on casters so it can be moved around easily, which will be great for this size room. I'm going to add a gate-leg to the idea so it can support the extension piece when I want to use it. The whole kit and kaboodle will go lengthwise from the window. Hopefully it'll get enough light.

As for my figures... Ouch. I packed them well, but most didn't come off too good at the tender mercies of the moving guys. I see the need for a few touch-ups here and there. The best survivors are the Dux B gang who got rattled around a bit but are otherwise undamaged. Their village survived just fine, and is ready for them to occupy.

More news as it comes in. I've got a lot of boxes to unpack and flatten. :/


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