Sunday, March 14, 2021

Doctor Who, One and Two

A little progress on my wife's birthday present. The first two Doctors meet to confer about a sinister door in a recently abandoned cellar. 

Of course, when the Doctor's around, there's bound to be trouble that needs sorting out...

The figures are by Black Tree Designs. I searched for images from the first two Doctors and chose the simplest costume designs. The BBC put Hartnell in two types of trousers, one of which is a mid grey chequered pattern as shown above. The other was more of a houndstooth design. I found this choice a bit puzzling, as it would normally have been too 'busy' for the primitive TV cameras of the time to process. I did the chequered pattern using a fine sharp pencil.

Next up will be the Fifth Doctor personified by Peter Davison. This is likely to take a bit more work due to the fine red stripes on his costume.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Second batch of crossbowmen

The second and last batch of crossbowmen are now off the painting block and ready to make a thorough nuisance of themselves on the vasty fields of France or elsewhere when required

My wife's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I'll put the Lion Rampant stuff aside for a while so I can concentrate on painting the Doctor Who figures I bought for her a long time ago. Once they're done she'll have all the Doctors from Hartnell through to Matt Smith. I'm not sure if anyone's produced a Peter Capaldi or Jodie Whitaker figure yet, but I suspect it'll only be a matter of time. I keep getting tempted by the 7TV rules for gaming 60's and 70's TV tropes. Can anyone tell me if they're playable solo?

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First batch of Crossbowmen

The first dozen crossbowmen are off the painting block.

These are a mix of the old figures I got with the original batch, and the new Essex ones bought at Christmas. I painted them in mixed colours for a bit of variety with a preponderance of red and yellow, which could represent the Earls of Winchester or Norfolk. The next batch will be blue and white livery to represent a number of English lords' retinues, French/Flemish for deployment in England or France.


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