Friday, April 26, 2013

Fort Meigs - War of 1812

Fort Meigs was established next the Maumee River here in Ohio two hundred years ago as part of the defenses against British/Canadian incursions. It wasn't long before those defenses were tested in the first of two sieges. A number of special events are being held this year to commemorate the siege and the lives of those who took part. Re-enactors will be present in large numbers, and there'll be a spectacular night cannonade from the fort and the site of the British siege batteries across the river!

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My wife and I are still homeless and getting by with the help of good friends. I can at least use the internet to look for work. But, it's so wearying being unable to stop anywhere, to relax, to put stuff down and know we have to move it again within days.

We have made an offer on a house and there's another we like in case the first falls through. Both places have space for a Man Cave as it's called here. I live in hope. In the meantime, as Churchill said we'll keep buggering on...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keep B*ggering On... Winston Churchill once said. 

Our attempts to find a house haven't been successful to date. It appears the property market is moving after a long spell in the doldrums. The trouble is, other people are out there looking for bargains to buy up and flip/improve, and they have beaten us to the punch on the times we've found somewhere affordable. We'll keep looking, but all gaming is still off the menu for the forseeable future

Due to the amount of spam that has been posted here, I'm afraid I've had to reinstate the security measures on comments. I'm sorry if this bothers some posters - I don't like it myself - but I'm sick and tired of having to moderate inane drivel posted through spambots by people who seemed to have created their crap via Babelfish.

Hopefully I'll have some positive news before long.

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