Monday, March 6, 2023

Town temple ~ Beginnings

When most people think of a Roman temple they usually picture this, seen here in the original colours...

In reality there were different designs, such as the Romano-British 'temenos' style. This is a reconstruction of one near Nottingham, UK.

I built one of these with the attendant high priest/priestesses' house years ago...

Yes, that green is a bit lurid. I'll tone it down when I get time.

...but no thoroughly civilised Roman town should be without at least one in the classic Mediterranean style.

The beginnings of the temple, with an expanded foam core mounted on thick card and a square of MDF. Next up will be to clad the walls, fit the columns then the roof.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A little construction work.

Some years ago I began work on a 1/300th scale Roman town, with modular pieces which can be interchanged to alter the layout. Emigrating and other stuff rather got in the way, so it's been a while since I added to the set-up.

Here's a trio of urban buildings, based on archaeological interpretations of Silchester, Deva and Venta Icenorum. The middle is a courtyard apartment block, the right a combined apartment/emporium, and the lower left another, slightly fancier urban dwelling.

Construction is card on foamcore and expanded polystyrene off cuts. The emporium columns are slim cocktail sticks, those of the fancier building lengths of expired ballpoint pen tube. A balcony will go on top of this.

They're all a bit basic right now. Once I've filled up some gaps they'll get a coat of paint/filler mix then window and door detailing.

Following an idea from another gamer I plan to mount these on square sections of quarter inch thick floor tile, which should be sturdy enough for the purpose. Ideas for a temple and a theatre are bubbling away at the back of my mind. Just got to work out the details...

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Library Haul

Our local library service held one of its book sales this past week. I scored these three books - Churchill's biography for a few dollars, the Ballard books for free!

Ballard's discovery of the Bismarck needs no explanation. He also explored the waters off Guadacanal, the rightly named Ironbottom Sound, with a number of survivors of those 1942 battles aboard his research vessel. The book contains a wealth of photos of those sunken ships, their guns still eerily pointing at each other.

Violet Bonham-Carter's biography of Churchill covers the years from their first encounter in 1906 to 1916, which of course covers the First World War and the ill-fated Dardanelles campaign. Useful stuff for the insights to his life and career.


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