Thursday, October 10, 2019

More Autumn trees

It looks like the cold germs are having wayyy too much fun rampaging through my system to consider leaving yet, so I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on some light modelling stuff.

My latest batch of Autumn trees need basing, so I made some from corrugated card and cereal box card, sandwiched together. The trees themselves I based on more card then spread spackle around the trunks to stiffen them up. While the spackle was wet I pressed dried tea leaves into it. This has the advantage of coming in the colour of... well, dried leaves, so it doesn't need painting and it looks natural spread under the trees like a leaf fall. I will go over it with a dry brush of yellow and orange to represent a fall of fresh leaves.

Once all's ready I'll glue the tree bases to the large base then fill in the gaps with more spackle and dried leaves, plus a few small stones to represent rocks and boulders.

More to follow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Perils of Con Crud

I'm still around, but gaming/modelling has taken a back seat for a bit. House painting took priority while the weather stayed nice, then a long road trip to the excellent Archon SF/Fantasy convention took up last weekend. That's where a dose of the annoying Con Crud (a mixture of all the cold viruses brought by con-goers at no expense) comes in. It's turned into a full-blown cold.

I am gearing up for the next Dux B game - which will be late this month at this rate - along with an interesting early 20th century project with the invaluable help of fellow blogger James. More to come as soon as I rig up the belt-fed Kleenex box...


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