Saturday, April 11, 2015

Aerial flyer templates done

We've had a few days of high wind in this neck of the woods which caused some damage. Thankfully the winds dropped overnight, leaving us with a nice sunny day and a chance to make a few repairs and get some seeds in the ground. Once all that was done by this afternoon, I made a bit more progress with the Aerial Flyer project by cutting the templates for the deck house.

This is the last batch of templates required, and the last time I'll go cross-eyed and sprain (my non-mathematical) brain working out the angles for this vessel. Matters weren't helped by the protractor I bought to replace one lost during our house move. The thing is marked with increments of 10 and 5 degrees, yet not single degrees of arc! I bought the thing without checking, because of course I assumed a b#%%!y protractor would be normal, with all degrees marked out, a fallacy I held on to until I got it out to use!


The deck house will be tall and wide enough on the top platform to take one figure, and I'll place ladders up both sides for access. Next up will be to use the templates to cut out the construction materials. At the moment I'm thinking of using half-inch foam core for the body of the vessel, with basswood for the main decking. The difficult angles of the ventral area and deck house will need basswood and/or plastic card, possibly on a foam core... er, core.

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