Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Spottiswode-Gallant Fast Steam Torpedo Vehicle Mk 1

The Colonel poses alongside the new machine.

The rear of the vehicle, showing the spare bomb stowage.

The vehicle shown with the bomb in the safe raised position.
A new product has rolled out of the Spottiswode-Gallant works in the shape of the Fast Steam Torpedo Vehicle Mk 1. Based on the same chassis as the popular Light Exploration Vehicle Mk 1, it's intended to fill the need for a light but potent weapon in landship fleets.

The principal armament of the new vehicle comprises a 200 lb guncotton charge contained within a copper shell mounted on the end of a boom. This is normally kept raised for safety reasons until prior to making an attack, whereupon the boom is lowered to the horizontal position. The vehicle's gallant crew of driver, commander/weapon operator and two stokers then drive at speed toward an enemy landship with the intention of ramming the charge into its flanks. Detonation is normally achieved through an impact fuse on the nose of the charge. An optional cord-actuated detonator is provided should the fuse fail, or for assault demolition use against strongpoints.

The vehicle's builders provide a storage case mounted on the rear of the vehicle for a spare bomb, giving the crew the means to re-arm in some safe spot and return to battle. This of course assumes they survive the attack. A machine gun is mounted in the glacis plate for anti-personnel use.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In a corner of the old Arab market

Here's a little something I made to sell on eBay, along with another African village. They're sure attracting a lot of attention. There are plenty of gamers out there who appear really keen on gaming in the Dark Continent!

"Rather nice produce they have here, gentlemen."
The Colonel, District Commissioner Carstairs and Commander Hardleigh-Worthit take in the local color.

Such buildings can be found anywhere along the east coast of Africa as well as the Middle East. They could even serve as adobe structures in the Old West!

Again, I followed the patterns given on the Major General's site, using foamcore shells with a mix of spackle and PVA adhesive on the walls and roofs. Practice gained from the earlier versions meant these came out much better! The stalls are simple structures of mini-dowels and basswood, with Pledge/Klear/Future-soaked paper for the awnings. The goods are made from paper, beads and, in the case of the vegetables in the little bowl - green tealeaves!

I used my Hirst Arts molds to make the trade goods between the stalls and the stairway to the roof of the building on the right. Craft Smart acrylic paints were used throughout. My darling wife painted the African huts and these particular examples, the first time she's laid brush to model. With a few tips from me she's gotten a great result! (Check out her blog - she welcomes comments).

I'm currently working on another village in the same vein for my Africa Station idea. It'll serve as a center of activity for the nefarious Zanzibarian slavers and traders. I'm currently looking at Wargames Factory as a source for tribesmen. A mention on the excellent Lead Adventurers Forum says their hard plastic Zulu figures are easily converted. Does anyone have any experience of these?


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