Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beginning the BUF

Summer has been a bit busy, what with writing, gardening and prepping for art shows, but I've begun putting together a BUF force for AVBCW. 
Most of the figures are Pendraken Miniatures drawn from my Socialist militia platoon (which had over-strength sections anyway), given a new paint job and Bob's your uncle. I had enough spare figures to create a command group including standard bearer. I chose to represent the platoon wearing army surplus jackets and forage caps died black, with army equipment and RAF uniform trousers. I reason that supplies are limited and every unit has to make do with what's available. The 18 pdr and Vickers MMG crews were already painted as BUF with khaki jackets and black trousers. 

This will be a platoon from the BUF Suffolk Legion based around Bury St. Edmunds, out to help impose the government's will on the East of England. They will clash with the Socialist forces operating out of Great Yarmouth and the LDV of the area. A nice chap on the VBCW forum by the name of Leics_Gamer makes excellent standards for the various factions around the UK. He produced an array for County of Suffolk forces, including the East Suffolk BUF, which I will print off when I can persuade our cranky colour printer to work. 

To the right of the picture is a section of Police auxiliary, reluctant associates dragged in to support the supposedly legitimate government. The police box is a home made resin casting.

In time I'll add a couple more sections and a Boyes AT rifle team or two to the force, and probably a pair of Italian L3/33 tankettes for armoured support. I'm tempted to increase the armour my VBCW forces have by getting a Vickers E type A or B or Vickers Medium Mk II for the BUF, and a T26 for the Socialists. Not quite sure what kind of tank a LDV force would have. Suggestions welcome! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doctor Doctor..!

With my wife resting after an operation last week I suppose it's not surprising I have doctors on my mind. Since she's a big fan of Doctor Who I thought I'd press on with painting up the figures I bought from Heresy Miniatures and Black Tree Designs.

The Ninth Doctor (front right) and Tenth (right column, 3rd from front) need just a coat of varnish. The Third Doctor (front row, second from right) is almost finished. I'll deepen the colour of his cloak using inks. The pterodactyl in front was coloured using brown acrylic pain for an undercoat and green and yellow acrylic inks, tips I picked up from Colonel O'Truth's blog. I'm debating whether or not to add a red stripe down the spine from the head to the tip of the tail.


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