Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Basing Blues

The last ECW figures came off the painting block and I'm now in the process of basing them up. I reverted to plastic card after experimenting with some thin wood which promptly warped all over the place, requiring a hasty removal of the figures.

Ho hum.

I'm going to try out Clarence 'Quindia Studios' Harrison's Victory Without Quarter rules for ECW. These require generals based up with a few other riders to represent staff, couriers and such. At the moment I only have the generals on horseback, so I'll put them on temporary bases until I can find some suitable figures.

Photos to follow tomorrow...


Millsy said...

VWC is a great little rule set. I've used it to play a load of solo ECW and it holds up really well.

A J said...

Good to hear it, Michael. I plan to play solo too. The turn cards are next on my to-do list.


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