Thursday, February 4, 2016

ECW artillery and generals

The last ECW figures are safely based up, which is a relief after the warping shenanigans of yesterday. Here are two light guns with teams and limbers, with four generals to the left of the photo. I chose a generic orange-red shade for the gun carriages, as this seems to have been a popular color going by contemporary accounts. There's so little concrete information about this and other aspects of the ECW, it's as good a guess as any. One of the limbers lacks a driver, as he wasn't included in the order. Pendraken are good at rectifying such things so it'll be sorted in the fullness of time. I'll fix the limbers to the horse teams next, using the thin string shown bottom-right for the traces.

Behind them is a work in progress house, the first in a batch of 17th century buildings I plan to make. I used two layers of 1/2 inch foamcore, one wider at the top to get the jettied effect of the period, and clad them in thin card. The paintwork was done with basic craft acrylics, and the timberwork was done with a Sharpie marker pen. It's so much easier and less fiddly than using a brush. I've yet to add brickwork chimneys, doors, and crosshatch leading on the windows. First, I'll go make a cup of tea...

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Michael Awdry said...

Splendid progress, that house is look rather good as well.


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