Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Village pond

This piece of scenery proved easier to make than I thought. It's a piece of clear packaging plastic cut into a rough square. I glass-papered half an inch in from the edge to make a rough surface then spread Aileen's tacky glue over it followed by a good sprinkling of sand. This was followed up with a 3:2 mix of ordinary green and brown craft paints and spackle to get a thick mixture.

Sand added to the glue.
Paint and spackle.
I smeared a bit of this mix on the surface of the pond-to-be to represent weeds and algae bloom. The next step was a coat of Pledge polish with two drops yellow, one drop blue acrylic inks mixed in. It picked up some of the green paint from the first step and made the surface rather matte in appearance. A second and final coat of Pledge alone fixed this and turned the surface glossy. One more coat of craft paint to cover places where the polish had seeped out from the center and the piece is done. It took a couple of days, drying period included. It's fairly flexible and shouldn't chip or anything.

The final result looks pretty good, and it works for most scales.

ImagiNations: A contingent of Hetzenberg Horse ride by after watering their mounts.

ECW: Royalist cavalry out in search of rebellious Parliamentarians to thrash.

AVBCW: Womens' Socialist Militia accompany a T26 in search of bullying BUF men to thrash.

Colonial: "Er, mebbe this wasn't such a good place to camp, Corp?"

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