Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sir John Norwich's Regiment of Horse - and an update on Google changes

The first Parliamentarian cavalry rolled off the painting block today. Sir John Norwich's Regiment of Horse is based up and ready to take its place in the fight against the 'Divine Right of Kings.'

Next up will be the artillery for both sides in the shape of light guns and teams.

* * * *

Incidentally I've noticed a few losses among followers to this blog lately, and I admit I was puzzled by it. Have I become so boring people actively unfollow? Thanks to the estimable Stokes at the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, all is explained.

It appears a few changes have taken place in the world of Google blogging. Since January 11th this year you must have a Google account in order to follow blogs through the Google Friend Connect service. If you follow blogs with Yahoo, Twitter, Orkut or other Open ID services you'll lose your subscriptions to blogs via Friend Connect.

If you'd like to continue receiving updates on this and other blogs, you could follow Google's suggestion and sign-up for a Google account and re-follow. Thanks!

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