Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Torpedoes away!

Boom! Why does my torp go boom?

Because I finished the fire and torpedo markers today. They came together as I intended them to, so yay me.

To get the spray effect of water blasting up from a torpedo hit I glued scraps of black-dyed foam rubber to a clear plastic easel-like affair, applying them in increasing size from the top down. Once the glue had set overnight, I gave the foam a wet-brush once over with antique white followed by a heavier going over with plain white. The photo below shows the process at about the halfway stage.

Once all was dry, I tried them out on some model ships to see how they all looked in action.

Somewhere in the North Sea HMS Jupiter and SMSs Brandenberg and Gazelle come together in violent action. After a flurry of salvoes Brandenberg is dealing with a raging fire amidships, but Jupiter has her own troubles. Whilst she was concentrating on the German battleship, she didn't notice Gazelle sneaking up on her until it was too late. 



Michael Awdry said...

They look great A.J. well done Sir.

Bluewillow said...

Well done AJ, they look great


Carlo said...

These look very good indeed AJ.

A J said...

Cheers, gentlemen! A few more markers to follow. Then I might get a trial run of the rules game in.


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