Wednesday, March 18, 2020

North Sea clash (Quickfire test game) Part 1

It's been a peculiar week, full of disruptions, highs and lows thanks to the Corvid-19 outbreak. Fortunately I had some excellent news on the professional front, which I will share in a few days when things are signed and sealed, so that made things better. My wife and I are still in self-quarantine, and in between doing all the things which must be done in these strange days - I got some gaming in!

This is a trial run of the Quickfire pre-Dreadnought rules from War Times Journal. I began it last Friday and played it on and off, a few moves at a time over these past few days. I'm so glad I have a permanent gaming table!

This is a half-time report, as I really need to get the record down before I forget. The premise is that war has been declared between Britain and Germany over the Morocco Crisis. A German armoured cruiser squadron comprising SMSs Prinz Heinrich, Yorck and Roon sailing somewhere off southern Norway is heading for Heligoland for a rendezvous with other elements of the fleet. Radio intercepts by the British Admiralty has given the Royal Navy intelligence on this isolated squadron's location and heading. A squadron of five Apollo class light cruisers is dispatched to attempt an intercept.

The game begins with the German squadron heading E-S-E at full steam. The RN squadron is heading due North. Luckily it finds itself in a position to 'cross the T.'

British squadron: Apollo leads, followed by Naiad, Intrepid, Iphigenia, Andromache.
Opening salvoes. The German squadron is headed by Prinz Heinrich, followed by Yorck and Roon.
Iphigenia takes a pounding, and fire breaks out.

The Royal Navy ships concentrate their fire on Prinz Heinrich. Battered by 6" shells she suffers a burst boiler and slows rapidly.
With a fire raging aboard and her speed slowing, Iphigenia turns out of line to allow her sisters to keep station while she effects repairs.

Prinz Heinrich turns out of line, allowing Yorck and Roon to turn southwards.
As the German ships turn 'Windy Corner,' both sides concentrate their fire on the lead ships, to little effect.

The Apollos find the range. Yorck staggers under a concentrated pounding of 6" shells and fire breaks out. Apollo suffers hits below the waterline which reduces her speed drastically. Iphigenia succeeds in extinguishing the fire and her damage control parties improves her speed. She accelerates to resume her position in the line.
* * * *

I'll play out the rest of the game as-and-when. So far the rules give a quick game, without too much head scratching over interpretations. More to follow...


Prufrock said...

Looks good. Makes me want to break out Naval Thunder!

A J said...

Thanks! More to come, as and when.


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