Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Life down the rabbit hole.

So, now we're under a two-week 'Shelter in place' order from Ohio's governor. We're confined to barracks and not allowed out with some exceptions. It's a strange time all round, to be sure. My wife's birthday is today, and since we can't go anywhere we're celebrating at home. I hope everyone's hunkering down to weather it all out. It's pretty much the story here. As an author I work from home anyway, and I'm also a solo gamer. I had the sneaking thought it'd be business as usual for me - or even more so. Instead it's been a bit bonkers, quite frankly, with all the preparations to do. Ho hum, I'll complete the naval rules trial then get another game or five in, I'm sure.

In the meantime, you might like to know Osprey Books are making a sterling and much appreciated effort to alleviate the boredom of 'self quarantining' by making a free offer on certain titles. Check out their webpage for details.

Stay well!

1 comment:

Bluewillow said...

Stay safe mate, best wishes to your wife I had the same last week when we first went into isolation for my birthday also.

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