Sunday, March 1, 2020

Gazelle class light cruisers

Out to launch... Fresh off the slipways, four Gazelle class light cruisers for the Kaiserliche Marine. Front front to rear, Gazelle, Endine, Nymphe, Frauenlob.

Four little maids from Keil are we...

These light cruisers were the end result of years of experimentation by the German navy, which sought a maid-of-all-work design that would suit fleet deployment, colonial policing, and commerce protection. With ten 4.1 inch guns and a speed of around 21 knots, they remained potent vessels for their size well into the First World War. The Royal Navy was considering moving its light cruiser development toward scout cruisers, but the advent of the Gazelle class forced them to reconsider.

...enacting naval pol-i-cy.
I found these more time consuming to make than the three armoured cruisers. As with any model in this scale, it's not a case of what to fit into the space, but what to leave out and still make the model look like the prototype.

Next upon the slipways will be the four Drake class armoured cruisers for the Royal Navy, and the five Kaiser Freidrich III class battleships for the Kaiserliche Marine.


Michael Awdry said...

Well aren't those just splendid, bravo A.J.

A J said...

Thank you kindly, Michael!


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