Friday, March 13, 2020

Strange days...

Today I had hoped to post an AAR on a trial run through of the Quickfire pre-Dreadnought rules. I even got as far as putting models on my gaming table, ready for action. Real life got in the way with a vengeance, mainly due to disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Governor of Ohio declared a state of emergency two days ago, followed by the Federal government's announcement today. In Ohio assemblies over 100 people are banned, with certain exceptions. Schools are closing for a few weeks. Churches are postponing services. Today our local library service announced all branches are closing for the duration. One of our favourite SF/Fantasy conventions has cancelled for this year with only two weeks notice. Locally, supplies of face masks, toilet paper and hand sanitiser are flying off the shelves. There's talk of food supplies slowing up to the point the National Guard will deploy to ensure the city has food. Local food banks and kitchens are also struggling to find a way to supply the poor and homeless during this crisis.

My wife and I are hunkering down to wait it out. Self quarantining and 'social distancing' are the watchwords. I still hope to get the game in - in fact I will do so, since there are no reasons to go out for a while. I post this as a sobering reflection on the world at large beyond our hobby.


Carlo said...

Stay nice and well AJ. The world needs all the hobbying wargamers it can muster in these crazy times.

A J said...

Absolutely, Carlo. I hope you and yours stay safe too.


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