Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun at Fort Meigs - Muster on the Maumee

We had a great afternoon out Saturday at Fort Meigs up near Toledo. A host of re-enactors from Roman times up to Vietnam were there, strutting their stuff with a mass of interesting stories and facts about their periods. Thanks to all we spoke to. 

I also met up with a group from the Great Lakes Gamers who were putting on a display of wargames in the information center. A nice bunch of guys, they were happy to meet a fellow gamer and talk games and gaming.  Plenty of Too Fat Lardies rules were in evidence; the chaps are big fans of their rules systems.

 French-Indian War in 28mm. 

 Frank Demana discusses the period with my better half.

 Romans in Germania Libera - Can they avoid the Varus Disaster?

Italy, WW2

US Artillery, War of 1812

Small-craft action on the Great Lakes

Roman legionary in Dacian-fighting armor

Grunts in 'Nam

Gebirgsjager - WW2 German mountain troops

WW2 Russians

British WW2 - ATS (Auxiliary Transport Service) and Somerset Light Infantry

In the photo are my favourite rifle - the Lee-Enfield - and pistol - the Webley (or in this case a clone). It might or might not stop a charging enemy at fifty paces, but it'll certainly make his eyes water. 

A sniper in ghillie suit takes his ease

US Marines at rest

 WW2 US Army HQ tent with staff and 50mm mortar

 A Wyandot warrior from both FIW and 1812 - in the latter period the British gorget signifies personal wealth rather than allegiance

Rider on her way to the mounted medieval warfare demonstration

 Camp of the ACW Ohio Volunteer Infantry

L-R, Canadian Essex Regt. Arquebusier, Ronin, US Army War of 1812, British Foot, another Canadian Essex Regt.

Tomorrow I'll post a video of the ACW live cannon firing demo. Who doesn't like a loud bang and cloud of nasty-smelling smoke? ;)

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow, what a lot of interesting things to see and talk about.

-- Jeff


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