Sunday, June 9, 2013

N-scale trees

One happy little result of our recent move was the discovery of a previously lost bag of Woodland Scenics tree flock. I put it to good use in between unpacking heaps of boxes (we struck floor in two rooms Tuesday!). The results I show below.

The trees are N-scale/10mm, made for my AVBCW collection. They're created by sticking flock to thistle heads using hot glue. The trunks are sections of thick twig, which are then stuck to simple roundish bases. I'm going to give them a quick going-over with adhesive spray to fix all in place before finishing the bases with spackle, as the flock has a tendency to rub off when handled. 

Sometime in the past I bought a similar bag in Autumn colours, so some Fall foliage might be appearing soon.

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