Saturday, June 29, 2013

10mm Buildings

I added another pair of useful buildings to my 10mm VBCW range this past week. The first is a church from a prosperous parish, built from Hirst Arts Gothic blocks and components around a foamcore carcass.

The second is a printout of a WW2 German POW camp blockhouse, provenance unknown. If anyone can tell me, I'll happily credit it here.
I scaled the printout size down to 80%, only to discover the printer cartridges were not producing ink properly. It came out a rather putrid green instead of grey. I cut out the parts and assembled them around a block of expanded foam for solidity, then painted it as above. 

Although it could serve as a blockhouse, I think it looks more like a hangar or garage, and will use it as such.

I'm on course to buy a sheet of plywood for a gaming table sometime next week, hopefully before the 4th July holiday. It's something I'm really looking forward to - photos as they come.  

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