Monday, July 8, 2013

New gaming table coming soon!

A hectic July 4th holiday week has come and gone without much activity on the gaming/modeling front. It's amazing how much stuff grows in the garden during such wet weather, so that's where I've spent a lot of time. But! After a foray to Lowe's today I now have the components of a gaming table! 

The main part is cheap, smooth 8' x 4' particle board, which will get two solid wood battens on one side to prevent warping. To make it easier to move around it's cut into two 3' x 4' and one 2' x 4' sections which will bolt together. At the moment my plan is to mainly use it in 6' x 4' configuration. I'm thinking of giving it a coat of paint both sides, shading it in various colors and maybe sprinkling sand on the paint on one side to get texture for a playing surface. The reverse side might act as the basis for my model railway layout. We'll see. Photos of the finished table hopefully coming soon...

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