Sunday, August 14, 2011

An update

A Canadian customer commissioned a set of decorative bookends from me. She's a medical anthropologist and wanted a plague doctor theme in keeping with her vocation. I put together a couple of scenes from the busy life of such a man, as shown below. They were fun to make, but involved a lot of work!

The plague doctor is in!
* * *
Family matters are taking a lot of my time right now, so progress on the wargaming and modelling front will be sporadic for a couple of weeks, maybe more. As of today, I have succeeded in painting up the third section of British infantry for the Barsetshires. Their bases are half-finished, just needing a lick or two of paint and some groundwork. I'll post some pictures when I can. 

Now the figures are mounted on fender washers, I can get more of a comparison size-wise with my existing figures. The Essex Miniatures fall between the diminutive Foundry and large Eureka sculpts in size. I like them both in terms of size and poses. One of these days I might just sell off the Eureka figures and replace them with Essex, since Eureka are a bit too large for my taste.

My Flatiron gunboat's porthole puzzle has been solved. I think I'll use a length of plastic pipe as a cookie-cutter and stamp the portholes out of Sculpey or Miliput. Once painted I can simply glue them in place along the hull.

The poll (see left) is drawing to a close, with an interesting slant of opinion. I'll post the final result tomorrow.  


abdul666 said...

You plague doctor-themed models are simply great!

A J said...

Thank you kindly! My customer is pleased with the result. I'm open for commissions, anywhere in the world. Contact me through my Etsy store.


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