Sunday, August 7, 2011

A poll

I have to admit I'm quite curious about the level of VSF elements - if any - other players include in their Colonial-era games. To satisfy this, I've posted a poll here. It's set so any reader can give more than one answer, so feel free.

For myself, I'm partial to Steampunk and general Victorian style. The esteemed Major General Tremorden Reddering shows what can be done in gaming, mixing steam landships with early 20th century trucks, Zeppelins and even aircraft. Colonel O'Truth is going a fair way following in his footsteps, with a superb land-walker in the making. Let's hear your thoughts!


abdul666 said...

I don't play VSF (retired from active wargaming, anyway), so I'll not interfere with your poll.
But, AJ, as a fan of Steampunk, what about Lacepunk? Skyships and other weirdness.


A J said...

Lacepunk puts me in mind of the Doctor Who episode 'The Girl in the Fireplace.' An interesting concept, but not one that appeals to me. Skyships - one of these days I WILL build an Aphid-class aerial gunboat!

Anonymous said...

I've often considered doing a Space 1889 type campaign - but nothing so far.
For most games I'd stick to "historical" tech but for a stand alone game/campaign I think it's a great idea - especially if it gives you an excuse to buil an aerial gunboat!

all the best



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