Monday, August 15, 2011

Poll closed - results now in

Hmm! An interesting result from the poll. From fifteen responses it appears there's a definite appreciation for Victorian sci-fi elements in Colonial gaming. This certainly seems to fit with the activity shown on the Lead Adventurers' Forum VSF section. All kinds of weird and wonderful creations appear there, often inspired scratch-built models from the unlikeliest sources, or modified versions of commercial products. Check it out - there's a lively community there, and they're very helpful folks. 

So, where do I stand in all this? I do like the VSF genre, and have an interest in Steampunk. (Take a look at Aurora, an excellent free to watch 30-minute indi movie from Australia for inspiration). It also suits my situation, as I find it far easier to scratch-build VSF creations than to splash out the cash on gaming figures and models. Expect to see a few such appearing in future reports on this blog.     


abdul666 said...

Excellent and so promising! I discovered your blog through a VSF link, and followed it because I marvel on your modelling skills and eye-candy photos.

Then, what about applying your creativity to *tricornes*? Their period is equally propitious to oversea 'pre-colonial' expeditions (most of your buildings, terrain pieces and natives could 'moonlight' in the 18th c.) and 'Lacepunk' weird contraptions -with rococo decoration rather than rivets.

Don't worry, you see you are not the first VSF modeler I pester with such a suggestion :) Take this as a wish to see people rich of talents I lack using them to illustrate my pet period!


A J said...

You tempt me too much, Jean-Louis! I can certainly picture an 18th century "update" of Leonardo da Vinci's turtle tank, perhaps designed by one Mary Amadeus, rolling over the plains of Africa or India. So many ideas, so little time...


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