Friday, August 5, 2011

Zariba expansion

Having constructed several mimosa sections I decided I wasn't entirely happy with the confines of the space within the zariba. I fixed this by adding three inches to either side, making the zariba square, and increasing the internal surface area by some thirty square inches. This gave me plenty of room to deploy figures, tentage, supplies, watchtower, etc. One of these days I might add corner pieces. 

Outpost with watchtower configuration...

...or field defenses on the march.
* * *
Various matters look set to tie-up my time for the next few weeks, probably into September. I'm pressing ahead with painting and model making when I can. The Barsetshires will take to the field again. 


Martin said...

It looks like a great imperial base to bring the enlightenment of civilization to the benighted natives.

How will Chief Shoo-Bop Shoo-Bop, current leader of the Ramalamadingdongs, react to this latest incursion?

A J said...

Not well, is the answer... ;)


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