Monday, February 1, 2021

Serjeants Twelve

The first batch of foot serjeants is complete and based up. The green bases look a bit too pale so I may go over them again.

Another batch of twelve serjeants is on the painting block now. So many of the remaining foot figures have broken spears, after painting the serjeants I'll have to go into repair and replace mode. Given how old these figures are and the sometimes rough life they've had I'm only surprised they've lasted this long.


Neil said...

A J,
Which rules are you using? Lion Rampart?

A J said...

Hi Neil, yes, that's my plan. The dice activation system makes it ideal for solo gaming, although I don't think I'll use the 'one bad movement activation roll causes all units to stay in place' rule. It's a bit too much friction for my taste.


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