Sunday, January 31, 2021

1st Earl of Winchester's men

A snowy day, and more progress on the First Barons War project. The 1st Earl of Winchester's retinue joins the growing host for Lion Rampant.

Saire de Quincy was 2nd Baron de Quincy of Bushby and 1st Earl of Winchester. He was one of the authors and guarantors of the Magna Carta, and as such became a prime target for King John’s notorious malice in the First Barons War.

I've almost completed the first batch of foot serjeants. They only need basing up. I may tackle a mounted contingent of men-at-arms next. Mounted figures are not my favourite when it comes to painting.

And now for something not entirely different... I found this meme on Twitter and had to smile, since it applies to so many of our gaming and modelling community.

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Neil said...

Love the meme!


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