Tuesday, February 9, 2021

More Serjeants

Another batch of foot serjeants rolls off the production line.

Now these are done I'm into repair-and-replace territory. Since I got these figures out to work on the air has filled with the soft patter of broken spears and lances falling onto the work table. Some of the things are so delicate now a mere glance is enough to break them. I have six mounted men-at-arms in the process of having their lances replaced. First off I cut away the sad remnants of the cast weapon then replace them by stiff wire. I have to use a spot of Milliput to rebuild the arms and hands holding them, but the end result is much sturdier. Once that's all done I'll give them a spray of black undercoat. 

I'm almost at the point where I can field a couple of retinues on the tabletop. Then I can get a trial game in. Watch this space...

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Neil said...

They are looking good.



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