Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A narrow squeak

I really do need to spring clean my Man Cave. Yesterday a teetering pile of... stuff... slipped and drove my painting block right off the table. Several archer figures and men-at-arms nearing completion were unceremoniously detached from the nails and scattered on the floor. Thankfully no spearmen were involved, otherwise I'd be looking at having to replace several broken spears.

Thankfully damage was limited to a few bent bows which were easily and carefully straightened out. I've now stuck the figures onto bases instead of the painting block nails since they only need a few more touches of paint. The men-at-arms are finished. These represent the Earl of Chester's men. I call this type of figure 'Kennies' after the kid on South Park, because that's who they look like with their chainmail coifs pulled tight around their faces.
I have a handful more men-at-arms to do then it's on to the mounted figures. 


Neil said...

Been there done that! I had to do the same thing and I'm pleased with the reorganization.

Matt Crump said...

We all hate a disaster in our gaming area. Oh how I swore when one of my ACW limbers went to the floor !!!!

A J said...

My sympathies, gentlemen! Yep, I swore a blue streak when it happened. All fixed now, though I really do need to tidy the table. I have three projects my wife wants me to fix for her crowding the area.


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