Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Archers and Yeomen

Slow but steady progress on the Lion Rampant retinues this past week. The first batch of archers are finished, and the foot yeomen need their base work completed. I'd just about finished them when one figure's spear decided to part company with the rest of the casting, so requiring some tedious cutting and filing to replace it with a wire substitute. I'm afraid I might need to do the same to others as this project progresses.

It's a bit difficult to determine what the figures bottom-left are wearing. From one angle they're un-armoured, equipped with a nasal helmet and a jerkin over some kind of tunic. From another angle they could be wearing chainmail. I painted them up as un-armoured foot yeomen, but equally they could be foot serjeants. 

Immediately behind them is a row of undercoated figures including three foot serjeants. These do have clearly defined chainmail. Behind them again on the painting block is a batch of foot men-at-arms halfway through the painting stage. I do like 15mm figures, as I find they and 10mm figures are easier to paint than larger or smaller scales.

Once the foot are done I'll turn to the next batch of mounted men-at-arms. The Early English retinue list shows two such units, two foot serjeants and a unit of archers. The French list has two units of mounted men-at-arms, one each of mounted and foot serjeants, and a unit of crossbowmen. It's entirely up to the gamer how the forces are composed, though, but I have enough figures of all types to stick to the lists.

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