Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ECW, Redux

We're back from a great time at the Archon St. Louis SF/Fantasy convention. As usual I wasn't able to take part in any gaming - I'm on too many panels during the course of the day for that, but all in all a terrific experience, and I'm looking forward to next year.

In the meantime I find my interest in the English Civil War(s) has been rekindled. 
I blame my friend, fellow author M J Logue for this! Reading her excellent Red Horse (An Uncivil War, Book 1) has put me in the mood for researching and collecting in this period again. Check out Red Horse, by the way - it's in paperback and on Kindle - for a great read with plenty of period detail and atmosphere. 
Not Hollie Babbitt, that sweary man - but close!

My original collection was in 6mm. This time around I'll probably get a couple of small armies in 10mm to suit my taste and pocket. Pendraken Miniatures has a nice comprehensive range, as does Old Glory. I'll need to locate some info on uniforms and so on - I sold or gave away most of my reference books when I emigrated - but given the pool of information online these days it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Rules-wise, I read good things about Very Civile Actions from The Perfect Captain. These are tailored for small forces, and have a campaign system, Tinker Fox, catering for sieges and raids. They're free to download, although the authors do request a contribution to charity by way of thanks. 

The First Muster.  


Bluebear Jeff said...


You might want to take a look at these (free) ECW rules . . . they are simple and fun . . . and can be used for solo play as well:


They are only 13 pages long . . . but quite enjoyable.

As for the Perfect Captain rules, while I found them clunky, lots of folks like them, including Angus Konstam:


-- Jeff

Michael Awdry said...

I do like the sound of Red Horse, might go and have a look.

A J said...

Thanks for that, Jeff. I downloaded them and will give them a look-through. A solo play option is welcome.

Michael, please do give Red Horse a look. M J is a re-enactor in the ECW period and does thorough research, and it's a rattling good read.

Paul O'G said...

AJ, after about a year of preparation I will be delving deeply into a ECW project in 6mm.
Thanks for the tip on a new bit of ECW fiction, I'll check it out - its rather rare in comparison to other genres.
I also just posted some other book reviews at my ECW blog "Declare Sir!" here


A J said...

You're welcome, Paul. I've just followed your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing how the 6mm project develops.


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