Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Very British Civil War - figures ordered

After a great deal of deliberation on AVBCW factions and the composition thereof, I placed an order with Pendraken Miniatures today for a batch of 10mm scale figures.

It was quite a struggle to choose, but in the end I opted for a platoon-size force each. One will become rural Local Defense Volunteers (LDV), and the other urban-based Socialist Militia. 

For me, two particular figures swung the decision. BR154 Civilian, shotgun, cap and coat, and SCW11 Miliciano woman. Something about the shotgun-wielding figure just shouts "Get orf moi land!" Shotguns are also far more likely to be found in rural Britain than SMLE Mk IIIs. 

The women militia will form a section within the Socialist Militia platoon, but may well eventually grow to a full platoon in their own right. All will have red side caps for a splash of color and to show their left-leaning allegiance.

The LDV are modeled in civilian clothing with British army 'battle bowlers,' possibly souvenirs from the Great War. I'll probably paint these various colors to reflect the different theaters of war their wearers served in.

I did dwell on getting a pack of flag bearers for each side too, but since I want just one flag per platoon, buying ten figures to use only one seemed wasteful. In this scale it's quite easy to convert a suitable figure using a pin for a flag pole.

I'll add vehicles and artillery over time as funds permit, and a platoon of everybody's favorite bad guys - the BUF. 

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