Saturday, May 26, 2012

Preparations and tribulations

Preparations for the Raid on the Tembe mini campaign are now complete. I've updated the Sharp Practice cards to include the new Askari unit, and modified the campaign cards to fit my own world of British Ukraziland. 

Things were not helped by having to try several times to instal a printer driver on our new PC. No other peripherals give me a fraction of the problems printers do, and it cost me the time I hoped to at least begin the game in. But, 'tis done, and the cards printed out and enclosed in card protector sleeves. All being well, the first game will be played on Monday.  

Baker Platoon will muster the following, along with the Ukraziland Rifles.

Captain Frederick Pike, commanding.
Bugler Bates, Ronald.

1st Section:
CSM Harrington, Albert.
L. Cpl. O’Reilly, Francis.
Pvt. Rose, Henry
Pvt. Hayes, Christopher
Pvt. Lewis, Jack (Marksman)
Pvt. Bishop, Harold
Pvt. Lipton, Thomas
Pvt. Harrison, William
Pvt. Bell, John
Pvt. Moss,

2nd Section:
Cpl. White, George
Pvt. Ward, Jack
Pvt. Warren, Phillip.
Pvt. Monk, Lionel.
Pvt. Yeats, Richard.
Pvt. Alder, Frank.
Pvt. King, Albert.
Pvt. Chapman, Oliver.
Pvt. Jones, Victor.
Pvt. Murray, Andrew. 

3rd Section.
L. Cpl. Powell, Frank “Nosher”
Pvt. Watson, Geoff
Pvt. Brooks, Malcolm
Pvt. Hooper, Henry
Pvt. Wilkinson, Alfred
Pvt. Braithwaite, Frederick
Pvt. Baldwin, Albert
Pvt. Sullivan, Patrick
Pvt. Clark, Henry
Pvt. Hudson, Percival

Ukraziland Rifles Section

Cpl. Tumelo
Askar Anan
Askar Yaw
Askar Otieno
Askar Wasswa
Askar Unathi
Askar Tinashe
Askar Bongani
Askar Tau
Askar Faraji 

The steamboat Lady Cynthia will keep pace with the expedition along the course of the Ukrazi River. 2nd Section will travel aboard her, along with Surgeon Travis of the RAMC. Surgeon Alcott will accompany the expedition on shore. 

A five-man section of support personnel will be attached to the shore party to take care of cooking, etc. It includes Pvt. Geoffrey Hare, a man on one month's kitchen fatigues following his behavior in the previous action at the barracoon. Whether O'Hare gets to exonerate himself remains to be seen...   


Bluebear Jeff said...

Just a reminder (if you need it) that I have a "British Name Generator" which you are welcome to use when you need new names:

-- Jeff

A J said...

Thanks, Jeff, I do use it. =)


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