Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schneider steam tank - prototype

I've not entirely forgotten the VSF elements of my Daftest Africa project. This steam tank, shown below, should frighten any opponent unaware of just how cranky these things can be.   

The Colonel demonstrates the brutish size of the Schneider steam tank prototype.

A product of the French Schneider armaments company, fresh out of their manufactory at Le Creusot near Paris, this brutal device is intended to counter similar machines built across the English Channel.

High ground clearance enables it to roll over most difficult terrain. A 203mm howitzer gives it a powerful punch against fortifications. Thick armor confers plenty of protection for the crew on the battlefield, and the high cupola provides a good all-round view. It does lack any kind of close-in anti personnel capability, a serious defect if it should be deployed against opponents who favor mass attacks and ambushes.
In modelling terms, the main fabric is stiff varnished card and foamcore, with some plastic, plaster, and wood components. It's going up for sale on eBay this evening. Feel free to bid!
My Zanzibarian Arabs are nearing completion. Just a few final touches needed. Meanwhile, Blogger/Google appears to be still suffering from the bug preventing comments to be left on certain blogs. I've tried several times to leave comments today, but to no avail. Hopefully this situation will be resolved before much longer.

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