Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flatiron gunboat project - 3

A little more progress with the Flatiron today. I made two companionway ladders to reach the bridge deck, and a small deckhouse using Hirst Arts blocks just forward of the stern mast. A dash of inspiration led to an improvement for the after gun mounting. I came across a batch of nuts with built-in washers (I'm ignorant of the name for these) that rotate freely. It took a matter of glue and paint to create a nice solid pedestal for the gun, with the added advantage of allowing the gun to traverse. A steam pipe and whistle was added to the funnel using a length of piano wire and plastic tube. 

I'm going to paint the ship in the High Victorian scheme of black hull, white upper works, buff funnel and masts. The first coat of black is shown, but I'll dig out the masking tape for the main coats. When I get the chance I'll place an order with Reviresco for the bridge fittings etc.

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