Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the painting block - Zanzibari

The Zanzibari figures arrived last week, and they're now washed and stuck to the painting rods. I was going to paint them as Wangwana, the Swahili ex-slaves who fought for the Zanzibari sheiks, but they don't look quite right. Instead they'll be painted to represent the typical musketeer-about-town, ruffians from the kasbah serving the Sheik or whoever pays enough gold.

The lady in the background will also finally get a coat of paint. An 18th century pirate lass type, I'm afraid she's languished on that block for months now while I've been busy with other projects.


abdul666 said...

A 18th C. lady + Victorian Zanribaris: what about a 18th C. expedition to Darkest Africa (Afrodizia?)?

A J said...

Get thee behind me, Jean-Louis! You have a great idea there, and one I'll follow up - one of these days. 'The Adventures of Mary Amadeus and the City of Gold.' Hmm... =)


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