Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Manning the barricade

Corporal Gedge and Privates Hare and Buckley demonstrate their new hard cover.

I had a little spare time today, so I made a quick and easy barricade using Hirst Arts chests, rifle boxes, sacks and a barrel. It gives the infantry something to take cover behind, and maybe get the chance to use the Men of Harlech card. From figure eye-level the sacks do look a little stiff, but this isn't noticeable from the usual gamer's six-hundred-foot tall giant's eye view. When I make others, I'll squish a little spackle under them then wipe the excess away with a damp brush.


Mad Carew said...

Don't shoot until you see the reflection of the dining table in their eyes...Men of Harlech march to glory

Bluebear Jeff said...

Looks quite good to me, AJ.

-- Jeff


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