Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arab tower

Some months ago my wife pointed out a useful item in our local Michaels hobby store in the shape of a wooden birdhouse. I bought it immediately, seeing the potential for a little augmentation. The basic form of it is shown below. 


I added the door and arch, all plaster moldings from a Hirst Arts mold, then covered the wood with a layer of diluted PVA and sand to provide a keyed surface. While this dried I added a flagpole receptacle cut from a short length of plastic coffee stirrer glued into place in a front corner.

The whole was covered with a layer of spackle, making sure to cover the flagpole holder. When the spackle was semi-dry I made firing slits in places where the wood had been cut to represent stonework. Once all had dried I painted the model with Craft Smart acrylics, picking out the firing slits in black. I gave the whole tower an ink wash using 8 drops of sepia ink and one of India ink to about two fluid ounces of water to age the appearance and bring out the texture. A dry brush of antique white then plain white followed. A flag based loosely on a Mahdist version completed the model. This can be substituted for any other flag as the tower changes hands.

After. Sub Chief N'kwana helps demonstrate the size.


Jiminho said...

AJ - That is a super tower and versatile indeed, a nice mod of the original kit. Make it with a mud-like look and you could have a a building suitable for Timbuktu. The United Nations flagpole was a good idea as well.


A J said...

Hi Jim, yes, you're right about the mud-brick look. Michael Palin's Sahara program stopped off in Timbuktu and I was struck by the appearance of the old buildings there. I may make another tower in that style one of these days. ;)


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