Friday, March 25, 2011

Sharp Practice thoughts - Cards 2

Some more cards for Colonial Sharp Practice. The Stand Fast! cards are the same as the regular deck. Breechloader allows more technologically-advanced troops to use their advantage. Ye Gods! The heat! is the same as Siesta. Mad Dogs & Englishmen is a national-characteristic card that counters this. Men of Harlech of course derives from that wonderful scene in the movie Zulu.

The rules have provision both for the French-Indian War and for actions in India around the time Wellesley served there. Native American tribal encounters can be War Parties or Hunting Parties. Indian ruffians for hire feature as Wallahs. I'm thinking of adapting the American tribal pattern encounters for African tribes. Wallahs will suit Zanzibari/Arab ruffian types very well, although more regular units will be treated differently.

In terms of firepower I think using the rules' Light Troops Skirmishing table will work without any trouble. Natives will have muskets with perhaps a few rifled muskets. Askaris will have rifled muskets for the most part with some poorer-equipped troops toting muskets. European troops will count MiniƩ Rifles as Breechloaders. This will keep ranges in proportion without reworking the table. The maximum range available is therefore 48 inches. Troops firing with a Sharp Practice card will get an increased chance to hit instead of longer range.

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