Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Quintet of Kaisers

On to more 1/2400 ship models. A little research threw up the fact the five German Kaiser Friedrich III-class pre-Dreadnoughts were intended to be part of a strike force which, in the event of a war with England, would attack the East Coast of Britain, cover an invasion force and engage in general operations in the North Sea. They were lightly armed for their size - four 9.4" guns compared to four 12" guns on comparable British battleships. They did however carry eighteen 5.9" secondary guns compared to the twelve 6" guns carried aboard most RN vessels of their size.

The current batch. Lurking just astern of the topmost battleship hull is another coastal merchantman I put together.

Currently I have the five basic hulls cut and shaped using the traditional sandwich method. I'll build up the superstructure with card as I don't want them to be too tall for the scale. Once finished they should look something like this...

The class were named after Kaisers Friedrich III (name ship), Wilhelm II, Wilhelm der Grosse, Karl der Grosse, and Barbarossa. In the event they never fired a shot in anger, being relegated to coastal protection duties during the early years of the First World War before being laid up as barrack ships. Once I've completed these I'll move on to four British armoured cruisers then - fates be willing - I'll work out the campaign.

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