Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Romano-British villa

All done! It took a while since I'm busy with real life stuff, but it turned out okay, I think.

The building is of its age. The Roman twilight is well advanced. On the ground floor windows the decorative blue louvred shutters have been replaced by utilitarian heavy versions which can be barred from the inside. The rear door has also been replaced by heavy boards. The inhabitants are sticking to their home - for now. They're worried because they hear of the Saxon raiders striking ever deeper into their homeland and fear they will be next. The local priest, Father Superfluous, visits to persuade them to stand their ground.

I made the ground effect using vinyl tile adhesive with dried baked tea leaves pressed into it, working in small sections at a time to prevent warping. Once the stuff had dried I gave it a light going over with a spray bottle filled with diluted green ink. Some of it got on the walls of the building, but it looked like the type of natural slime-mold that grows on such old plastered surfaces so I left it. Whilst it was all wet I used an eye dropper to drip green paint on the ground surface, which spread to cover most of it. once the whole base coat dried I gave it a going over with a wet brush of light green. 


Michael Awdry said...

I think it looks superb A.J.! What a great build.

Carlo said...

Very nice AJ. I particularly like the very stylish way you have painted it up. This has been a very interesting project to follow most definitely.

A J said...

Thanks gentlemen! It turned out as I hoped it would. Once I'm not so busy I'll get it on the table for a game.


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