Monday, April 9, 2018

Carts, undercoated

A session with the spray paint yesterday undercoated the three carts for Dux B. Something about the weather - cold, damp, reluctant to stagger above the mid-40's Fahrenheit - makes the Rustoleum paint take a geological age to dry. These were sprayed in my garage yesterday afternoon and they're still tacky to the touch, even after being brought indoors.

The paint soaked into the wood and the carts are now exactly the base colour I want. All I have to do now is give them a little dry-brushing and so on to bring out detail and texture. At the moment the contents look like heaps of manure, something no Saxon raider is likely to want to loot unless he's a really keen gardener. They'll be painted a lighter shade to make them look like sacking covering something more interesting. Next step will be to sculpt the oxen, a trickier prospect. 


Martin said...

MAYBE it's the REALLY GOOD horse manure that is critical for the Earl's rose bushes! These are looking good and will do (pardon the pun) yeoman service in the field! Bring on the Oxen!

A J said...

Manure as a strategic asset? If the Earl doesn't get his roses blooming through application of really good manure, he'll get depressed and the effects will be felt throughout his lands. That's why the raiders want to steal the stuff. Hmm... :)

Thanks, I hope to get working on the oxen figures sometime this week. The bloody paint is still tacky to the touch. I may have to get the hairdryer out.


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