Monday, August 1, 2016

Gettysburg (I)

Here are some of the photos I took of the Gettysburg battlefield last week. Due to the sheer size of the battlefield and the number of photos taken, I'm going to divide this post in two. This one covers the early clash on July 1, 1863, and the Confederate side of the battlefield. The Union side and Pickett's Charge will be in the next post in a few days' time.

Scene of the first clash - July 1, 1863

We followed the auto-route suggested by the guide in the battlefield museum. This is a straightforward course that follows the sequence of the battle in roughly chronological order.

First up was the scene of the clash between Union cavalry under General Buford against Confederate Generals Heth, Hill and Ewell. The countryside is rolling here. The higher ground to the north made an ideal site for Confederate artillery, which was brought into good effect against Buford and later Reynolds. Reynolds was killed by a sharpshooter's bullet and the Union troops forced back to Oak Ridge then Culp's Hill.

Looking North toward the Peace Monument.

Looking from the Peace Monument south-east toward Oak Ridge. The Lutheran Seminary lies beyond the woods.

12 pounder Napoleon by the Peace Monument. I noticed this deep elongated dent in the bronze barrel by the touch-hole. Evidence of a shot striking it?

Culp's Hill formed the northern end of the famous 'fishhook' shape of the battlefield. A railroad cut had been made in the area, although the track itself had not been laid. The cut proved to be a killing ground for the attacking Confederates. Unable to maneuver in its confines they were cut down in scores by the defending Union troops.

Looking south-west to the railroad cut.
Sighting at the Railroad Cut along the barrel of a 10-pounder Parrot rifle near the Peace Monument. The Cut is well within range, and these guns supported Longstreet's attack on the 2nd day.
Looking toward the Seminary from the observation tower atop Oak Ridge.
The curious and rather charming memorial to the 90th Pennsylvania Volunteers, who formed the right of the 1st Corps atop Oak Ridge.
As the Seminary is still part of an active educational campus it wasn't possible to stop and take photos, and we were on something of a time restriction anyway. We moved on to the next stage, the main Confederate battle line, now known as Confederate Avenue.

A charming volunteer looks across the fields toward the Union lines atop Cemetery Ridge.
The site of the Confederate gun lines.

Farther south along the gun line - and the Copse of Trees, the High Water Mark of Pickett's Charge.

The Virginia Monument, with Robert E. Lee mounted on Traveler atop it, located roughly in the center of the Confederate positions.
"Old Pete," Lt. General Longstreet, cast in bronze. His HQ during the battle was sited a few hundred yards from this spot.

Looking east at the Round Tops, Little to the left, Big to the right.
The next half of the battlefield will be covered in a few days' time.


Michael Awdry said...

Great shots, thank you for sharing.

Tomo said...

I missed the "dented" field piece during my visit years ago. Next time I'll look for the piece!

Thanks for the photos.

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen! Gettysburg is such a large battlefield and there is so much to see. My wife and I took the auto tour and got round in a few hours, but there's plenty we missed. Another time.

Now it's got me wanting to watch Gods and Generals, and Gettysburg again. ;)


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