Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stars of Empire - RPG Kickstarter.

It's my pleasure to support the kickstarter for three new books covering the RPG version of Hive, Queen & Country!

A startling discovery on Venus - Artwork © Paul Daly, used here with permission.

To quote from the Kickstarter page:

"The Hive, Queen and Country Universe is a hard Science-Science Fiction setting. First published in 2010 the background has been researched and discussed for over a decade. The detailed Universe has been created by a community of Role Playing and Miniatures Gamers, historians, scientists, engineers, lawyers, rogues, vagabonds, and heroes. Hive, Queen and Country has unprecedented depth and scope, with the flexibility to allow you to set pretty much any sort of campaign your game master and players desire. We present a detailed and fully realized game universe: Steampunk with an emphasis on the Steam-not the punk!"

The objective is to produce two core books, one for Referees and one for Players. To support both Role Playing and Miniatures gaming it will also produce the Land Fighting machines book for the HQC Universe, with over 100 designs, 3D graphics, histories, orders of battle, tables of organization and equipment and color schemes. The book should run about 300 pages and will be out by June 2017. It's been play-tested at conventions across the country including Origins, Gencon, DragonCon, Diecon, Borderwars and Colonial Barracks.

The project creator is that doyen of all things VSF, Mr. Terry Sofian, and the game will include the splendid artwork of the esteemed Mr. Paul Daly.

God Save the Queen!

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Michael Awdry said...

I shall have to go and have a look at that, thank you for the tip off.


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