Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rover Eight 1922..?

I've recently finished the first draft manuscript for a murder-mystery set in England in 1923. While writing it I thought it would be fun to have some 28mm figures representing two of the characters, and a model of the car they drive, the 1922 Rover Eight. Yes, I do have Pulp Alley games in mind!

The figures are no problem: Copplestone Castings have just the ones.

 Here they are superbly painted on Carmen's Fun Painty Time blog.

What I can't seem to find is a model of the 1922 Rover Eight in 1/56 scale...  

It was such a popular car of the time I'd be surprised if someone doesn't make it in model form, but my Google search has come up dry. If anyone could point me in the direction of either a kit or a die-cast version of the car, I'd be obliged.

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Michael Awdry said...

Sorry I can't help you there, but best of luck with the search.


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