Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AVBCW Mobile Forces

My current batch of VBCW figures from Pendraken Miniatures is almost done. Here are a few photos of the mobile forces for the Flegg Fencibles LDV and the Socialist Militia.
These are the mounted contingent of the LDV - the Rollesby Roughriders. Based in stables close by the village of Rollesby on the main road between Great Yarmouth and Norwich, these fellows act as the Fencibles' quick-response unit.

 Armoured might - On the left "Black Shuck." On the right "Strike."

The armored component of the two forces consists of a lorry with improvised armor in SCW fashion. It's been given the name "Black Shuck" after the legendary Devil's dog which is supposed to haunt parts of Norfolk during the hours of darkness. Supposedly any who see the dog will die a horrible death. In actual fact, the legend came out of the smuggling industry along the coast. The "Gentlemen" spread the tale around to keep folks at home at night so they could work unobserved. Still, the LDV think the name seems appropriate - all who see the vehicle will die a horrible death!   

The Socialists have fixed their calloused working-class hands on a WW1 vintage Austin armored car. It has been given the name "Strike," to reflect the right of the worker to withhold labor and the hard-hitting punch of twin Vickers MGs.

I found vehicles and cavalry easy to paint, and that's coming from someone who normally finds painting cavalry a chore, no matter which scale. The mounted troops are on bases with rough grassland effect, but the vehicle bases are modeled to resemble road surfaces, since they'll spend more time than not on roads. 

I have two more lorries to paint, and three Vickers teams, one each for LDV, Militia and BUF. Photos to come, time and other commitments permitting. 

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