Thursday, August 30, 2012

AVBCW - The assembled forces

Here are a couple of photos of the combined LDV and Socialist Militia companies. Both units have integral armor and artillery, along with support weapons in the shape of the sturdy Vickers MG.

The LDV favor ten-man sections including a Lewis LMG and second. Mostly composed of rural laborers, they have a leavening of "old sweats" from the Great War and some TA members who decided the keep their military skills at home. 
The Socialists favor twelve comrade sections, with the exception of the Socialist Women's Alliance section (nearest camera) which has fourteen. All sections include a Lewis gun team. The Company HQ numbers ten, including the CO and Lewis, which acts as a reserve force immediately to hand.

Mostly composed of workers and unemployed folk from the towns and cities, like their rivals in the LDV they also have a number of former soldiers and TA in their ranks. 

Both sides have acquired their heavier weapons from a number of sources - ex-military stock and materiel donated by various supporters.  
* * *
All figures and models are mounted on plasticard. Infantry bases are 1" front by 1/2" deep. Artillery and cavalry are 1" square. The Vickers guns are 1" by 3/4" deep. All vehicles have 3/4" width and are 1/4" longer than the model. Two vehicles can pass each other on the roads I use. 

I have a copy of Went the Day Well rules, which I'll adapt to this scale and see how they play. I intend to build roughly comparable forces for the BUF and Anglican League sometime in the future.

On the Colonial front, I upgraded the chance cards used in Sharp Practice, printing them out in color and sticking them to old playing cards for greater durability and ease of use. As mentioned before I hope to get the heliograph section from Black Tree Designs sometime soon. Watch this space. 

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